Curious music for curious minds

Avant aspires to be a community of adventurous listeners, curious for new sounds.

Avant is on the forefront of ushering new, engaging music to the region. As a registered 501(c)3, we seek to build a network of support behind our mission:  To excite and connect with other passionate people, motivate them to come together in the name of cultural diversity, and support diverse musical programming.

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Music is communion, functioning as a door - always inviting into other worlds. Religious hymns, folk songs, protest chants, rhythms from other cultures, and every other form of music are more than vibrations on the ear. They are keys to unlocking cultures unknown. Once unlocked, a world of new customs, languages, ways of thinking about the world open up. A bridge is built connecting the individual to the world, allowing “the other” to become “the known.”

Avant leaps from the proverbial page and into the community’s ears. These first two free concerts to the community are the beginnings of a musical series unchained from genre and open to exploration. Opportunities and possibilities to explore music that wouldn’t normally find its way to Jacksonville. Music that defies explanation, music that beckons to be heard.

These performances are the inaugural events of Avant,, a new initiative bringing interesting music to Jacksonville. Avant serves as a call-to-action. Can we, as individuals and as a community, listen to new music with curiosity and imagination? Might that experience help us to listen to one another on a deeper level? Can we commune, explore new vibrations, and grow deeper together? Ears open... this is Avant.

Avant is made possible thanks to generous contributions from donors like you. Help support by donating today!



Donating a Master List of CDs, DVDs, and Anthologies

Avant believes that one must give to the world more than one takes, which is why we’re kicking off the series with a gift to the community. We donated nearly $4,200 worth of CDs, DVDs, and books to the Jacksonville Public Library. In the age of music streaming services, we imagine that anything we choose to listen to is available to us at any given moment of the day. While there are is an endless supply of music, artists who exists on the fringes of popular culture don’t always get adopted into this stream. We hope the community enjoys this music as it serves as a cultural resource.